Hungarian Fish Soup

Ingredients for 3 liters of soup:

    • 500 g fillet of carp
    • 500 g pike file
    • 500 g catfish filletsroe
    • 3 teaspoons salt
    • 800 g mixed fish bones
    • 5 large onions
    • 3 tablespoons paprika
    • 80 g white Hungarian peppers
    • 50 g tomatoes
    • The fillets rinse, dry, and cut from 60 to 80 g cut and best ewes with salt and refrigerate.


    Fish heads and bones well in cold water and washing up. The water should cover the fish.

    Cut the onion into rings and put it together with white pepper and the chopped tomatoes into the pan. Pepper and a pinch of salt, add the lid and cook until well a full flavor.

    Every now and then to taste!

    If the taste is full, take the pan off the hob and the contents through a sieve into a clean pan pour. The flesh of the fish through the sieve, only the hard parts remain in the sieve.

    Back on the hob set. When the soup begins to boil, the paprika and fish eggs and add fish fillets and let it all cook until the fish fillet is white.

    Serve hot. Enjoy your meal. (jo etvagyat)