Vignette Hungary for the toll roads

thanks to the AA.

  • In 2008 the toll with a sticker behind the windscreen must be replaced by a taped receipts system. These receipts are also known as e-vignettes or virtual vignettes.
  • All highways (ie all roads with an M plus a specified number, such as M1 or M15) are toll roads. Some parts of these highways are exempt from toll, especially the parts that lead to a city.
  • If you pay toll, you will receive only one ticket (e-vignette) as proof of payment. When you buy this "right to be allowed to use the toll roads," the registration of the vehicle listed and included in the computer system. This is also listed on the e-vignette.

    Price of the e-vignet

    • Rates per 02.27.2012, and in Hungarian forints (rounded) in euros.

    4 dagen



    10 dagen



    1 maand



    1 jaar



    • The above rates apply to all vehicles up to 3500 pounds with or without a caravan.
    • For motorbikes takes a 4-day e-vignette HUF 1,470 (approx. € 5.00).
    • Heavier vehicles and combinations pay a rate approximately 3 times as high.
    • The 4-day e-vignette is valid on the specified day and the next 3 days.
    • The 10-day e-vignette is valid on the specified day and the next 9 days.
    • The monthly e-vignette is valid for 31 days, including the date of issue.
    • The year e-vignette is more than one calendar year from 1 January to 31 January the following year.
    • There are no toll booth along the toll roads. You have before you drive onto a highway, toll already paid to have. That can include at border crossings, with almost all petrol stations and sales offices of the administrator of the highways. These outlets with signs vignette / matrica indicated.
    • The e-vignettes are also pre-order via the Internet: see site of
    • Details

    • Always check that the e-vignette the correct registration number is listed.
    • The controls are on the basis of the license plate carried out.It is recommended that the e-vignette 1 year to maintain. If you wrongly fined, then this is the only evidence.
    • There are in Hungary large fines for not paying toll.
    • Addition Haned.

    You can buy vignette for Austria and Hungary at the last gas station on the A3 in Germany just before the border with Austria.

    We both can be purchased at the Tankstelle Bayerischer Wald, shortly after turning 106 Straubing.

    Jun 15, 2012

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