Conditions advertise on 01/04/2012


By entering into a listing on our website will make your holiday accommodation (s) on our website shows for the duration of each 12 months. The entry is tacitly extended by one year unless at least 1 month before the expiration of the period is canceled in writing. has the right, in its reasonable discretion by the landlord installed texts, images and other data in whole or in part for placement to edit or reject. This website is intended for owners that their rental (s) to offer and hiring.

By registering the landlord declares expressly agree to these terms and conditions of Haned.

Haned always reserves the right to free ads after a certain time to remove.

Promotion costs

Placing a listing on is free.

When renting the property brings Haned reservation fees, representing 10% of the rent.

This is still the sales tax is calculated.

Haned is authorized to adjust these costs periodically, with the changes at the earliest for a subsequent subscription years.

Payments must be made within 14 days after date of invoice to the account of Haned or directly via PayPal or IDEAL.


The advertiser is in all cases responsible for the information in his / her ad. Haned accepts no liability for defects in the execution of the placement order or caused by negligence or fault of Landlord or third party of responsibility. Haned company is not liable for consequential damages, or revenues from the landlord. Haned towards the lessor is not liable for the content of other placements of landlords elsewhere on the web site, which could do to affect the landlord intended purpose of its publication.

The publisher is not liable for the temporary unavailability of its services because, among other maintenance, failures, etc.

Force Majeure

In the absence of compliance by Haned of an obligation due to force majeure, the corresponding obligation of for the duration of the force majeure. Landlord can not prevent these financial implications connect. Force majeure means any of the will of Haned independent at the time of the conclusion of the agreement whether or not foreseeable circumstance in which fulfillment of respective obligations of Haned temporarily or permanently, in all fairness (no longer) may be required.

Premature cancellation of paid advertising

If, during the period of paid placement your listing to end, can not be relied on repayment of the remaining months.